Nov 3, 2009

Cut Already?

Posted by Joshua |

I believe most of you guys would have already heard and watched the latest P1 Wimax advertisement, Cut Already? Sudah Potong? Got Jor Mei?

Just to tell you guys, I've just Potong "My Hair" and it's super short. lolz

Ever wonder why my nickname got a "z" similar to "s" behind?

It's because in this blog, you will be seeing Tallboy, Tallboy, Tallboy and Tallboy so it's equal to Tallboys. The word Tallboys sound so flat, so decided to change it to Tallboyz so it would sound and look more cool but the author ain't cool at all. The other reason is I like to duplicate myself into a lot of me in a photo and I've posted in my blog's Gallery.

I have duplicated myself again and this time is abit different than the others, something more weirdo.

Had haircut done with twice of the normal price now. lolz

P/S Finally I have collected 7 of the Coca Cola Glass Contour from McD.

Feel so satisfy but then my gf asked me "So? What you going to do about it? Where you going to place it?"

I paused and think............ I replied "Dun know wor, I also don't know why I collecting it?"

I guess I'm being super cheapskate, thinking why I shouldn't upgrade my set meal to large and add a sundae, a Coca Cola Contour Glass worth RM8.90 each will be giving for free. Malaysian never resists for free stuffs same goes with me. lol

What a good marketing strategy from McD to attract peoples eat more.

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Joannnnnnnnn said...

if i follow you on your twitter, then will you follow me back?


P/S: show us your short hair~ *super duper curious*

Joshua said...

Joannnnnnnn - Hahaha! Y not? Tat's my short hair posted. Not short meh?

Ashleyteng said...

glasses.. can put in bath room. if ur toilet is big and nice, glass can be a very good decorations in bath room o =)

Henry LeE ® said...

potong saga? haha... wahh... i want the glasses too, or should i say contours... now i only got 4 diff colours, but singapore and malaysia got diff names for the same colours... wonder why they so free to do so...

HitoMi^^ said...

whoa, so nice leh ur PP. Never fail to impress me de.

Haha, Cut jor then good lo. LOL, yo, you really so enthusiastic about collecting the cups!!

Joshua said...

Ashleyteng - I dun wan get cut while bath. lol

Henry Lee - So u will eat McD. Hahaha

Hitomi - Thanks wor! U got collect ma?

kenwooi said...

wow two-headed tallboyz! haha..
nice edit =)

i didnt get any of the mcd cups also.. =P

Joshua said...

kenwooi - U wan? I sell to u all! lol

Tony Wan said...

I think.... you may get that cup to cover your BIRD, if it's big enough :D

Joshua said...

Tony Wan - Sure not enough. lol

HitoMi^^ said...

I din haha!! my bro bought one though