Nov 29, 2009

Ramly Burger Hunt

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Ramly has been a well known name for those who crave for night supper..... not that Ramli who were same school with you. I meant Ramly Burger.

Last week around 11pm, out of blue suddenly craved for supper and all was in mind was Ramly burger. I've always wanted to try something new and different rather eating the same Ramly burger outside of my house.

Grabbed my car key and had a Ramly Burger Hunt nearby as I heard from some friends and blogger, Ampang area has a well-known Ramly burger and it's the best Ramly Burger EVER!!!!

The directions that I got couldn't find the stall, they might closed or moved thus I called a buddy of mine Chris to reckon me. He suggested me to try Otai Burger at Taman Kencana.

FYI this Otai Burger is similar to the Ramly burger just that Otai Burgers has franchises over Malaysia and they even have their's own website One kiosk of franchise cost RM17k. OMG!

This is one of the stall at Taman Kencana.

an unprofessional staff, sms while making my burger. No tips for you like I'm gonna gave lol!

The menu

I ordered Ayam Double SUPER Special  hahahahah! It's not on the menu and I make that up. The Super was jJust added a slice of cheese with it.

Look at the cheese melted on top of the patties chickens covered with egg......... OMG! I'm so hungry now, so gonna go out to buy one.

Before ended this post, of course must show you my FACE enjoying the yummylicious burger. Muakakakaa!

Please don't feel want slap me because I'm too handsome in the photo, I also couldn't do anything as I'm was born with handsome face. lol!

This burger is the most expensive ramly burger I ever had. RM7.80 but then the patties taste different than the one that I normally had.

Ok! I'm going out now for supper. Hahahah!


benooi said...

oh, this is the stall that you said was great? LOL! haha, but mine looks bigger. muahahahah LOL!

Dosz said...

burger review ha? same with me :P

Anonymous said...

benooi - Ok lar! Ok lar! U win lar! Hahahah

Dosz - lol! Blog for fun only! =P

benooi said...

LOL, haha.

Nicholas Chan said...

ramly!!! I WNAT MAN... u make me hungry. >.<

by the way, the stall got nice burger wrap. =D

Anonymous said...

Nicholas - coz they are franchises de! Hehehe!