Nov 1, 2009

King of Pop - This Is It

Posted by Joshua |

Just watched the first one-sheet for Michael Jackson's final concert film, pieced together from hours of rehearsal footages.

As the poster promises "like you've never seen him before" The passion, his inspiration and his dedication is well profession.

The humble and earth lover touched my heart. Felt of losing a great respect, honor and talented person.

It's a MUST watch and not to missed.

Michael, you will always our King of Pop.


Jehzeel Laurente said...

Wooot! So it's really a must-see movie this year. I haven't seen it yet.

I better watch this one tomorrow :)

Dylan Phuah said...

is it that good?
how bout the ticket price?
got increase ar?

yienyien said...

i wan to watch this!!!! but no one wanna watch leh!!! SOBX!!!!!!

Joshua said...

Jehzeel Laurente - Yeah! Must watch!

Dylan - Normal price only. Wednesday got 1/2 price tim. Hehehehe

yienyien - Sad! Tag ur family to watch lar, worthy to watch one.