Nov 15, 2009

My Nokia N97 mini

Posted by Joshua |

If you guys did follow me on Twitter, you might have know I recently got myself a Nokia N97 mini with a super great deal. Special thanks to Amos for informing me bout it.

I have the Garnet colour which look bright brownish that look like the Nokia N97 mini Raoul Limited Edition

Below are some photos of my new Nokia N97 mini.

A mini stylus that come along with it that work as accessories.

Some specification of Nokia N97 mini.

The new firmware 2.0 for S60 5th OS platform has applied on this model. The kinetic scrolling effect is simply nice. A truly great phone to have QWERTY keyboard for better web browsing experience

The built quality of the phone is very solid compare with it's successor N97. Now I have better camera for taking higher quality images to share on my blog.

Here comparison between The Nokia N97 & Nokia N97 mini.


Dylan Phuah said...

damn chio la this phone. :D

.:[SaimatkonG]:. said...

I want I want!!

Nicholas Chan said...

you make me jeles~!~ hahaha.

TZ said...

Nice nice :) I want one too ...

Shiveeleaves said...

new gadget! i also want!

KOKahKOK said...

keep on telling me bo lui bo lui... no $... but u got a new hp again :(

Joshua said...

Dylan - Hehehe! Your iPhone 3Gs nicer!

Saimatkong - =P

Nicholas Chan - OMG! No need to jealous me one.

TZ - Woots! I wish to have an extra too. =P

Shiveeleaves - Hahha! How come all also wan. Hehehe

KOKahKOK - OMG! Great deal ma!

WalauAyat said...

Did u manage to use the stylus?
i mean does it has any sharp pen?

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