Nov 16, 2009

Made In China

Posted by Joshua |

I guess alot of you guys have watched 2012. A big movie of the year that everyone should not missed it.

The on-line ticket purchases from GSC were over-flooded last Friday, all peoples rushed to buy tickets and most of the halls were full booked. How on earth they can watch the movie on the 1st row? Hmmmmm...

Luckily I got mine at Mid Valley, center enough for pleasure viewing.

It's another awareness movies telling us that our little earth is very sick now and an apocalypse is on their's way. The human mankind is sourcing out how to save theirs asses life.

It's a really interesting sci-fi movie that I ever watched. Assorted disasters came together without sympathy as in result almost entire human races is vanished. It's has shown me how the ice ages ended that happened few millions years back.

It's like a reset button pressed and everything started from 0.

Conclusion is don't underestimate China technologies. Thanks to China, theirs asses life are saved. lol!

Rate 9/10. 

After the movie, me and YY had an hour siao shopping project. We have RM480 Parkson vouchers to spend as the expiry date is tomorrow and the shops are closing in an hour. Sound fun right?

I have bought a shirt and a Polo T. YY could decide to buy anything in the end she bought a FCUK watches. My 1st experience buying stuffs without hesitations or thinking. Damn shock!


Lulu said...

I just back from this movie! Dun blame me, not my type of movie...:P

The shopping experience sounds really Shiok!

foongpc said...

Really? 9 out of 10? Have yet to watch. I don't think there's much of a story is there? I guess will watch it for its special effects! : )

FirhanAbqari said...

Great CGI but the end was too hapy :-)

TZ said...

hehehe... over @ e@curve, Cathay was not even full in the daytime... the 11:30am show just 40% full. No need to line up for tickets :)

Joannnnnnnnn said...

next time if you have extra money that you dont know how to spend it, dont forget me... hahahaha
i can help you spend it, very wise!

.:[SaimatkonG]:. said...

yeah man made in China be proud man... haha

Joshua said...

Lulu - Haha! Damn shoik! =)

foongpc - Yeah! It's nice! The CG is not bad

FirhanAbqari - True!

TZ - Serious? That's good wor!

Joannnnnnnn - lol!

Saimatkong - Damn proud giler babi sial. lol!

yienyien said...

Aiyo.. why i only have rm 20 parkson voucher and u have rm 480!!!

SOBX!!!! not fairrr~~~~

Joshua said...

yienyien - Hahah! coz I got RM480 lor =P