Nov 26, 2009

DiGi Broadband Done Right

Posted by Joshua |

Some of you might have know recently I've changed Telco service provider. I have switched to DiGi and applied the DiGi 58 Smart Plan with unlimited data access.

I've used the mobile services on my Nokia N97 mini so I can get connected everywhere.

I have found the mobile broadband speed is a good as the cable ISP such as Streamyx. Sometimes way better!

I did a speedtest on my phone and surprisingly it managed to touch 1.0mbps of download speed.

6th of Nov – 6th of Dec, DiGi is giving out free HP mini with Windows 7 pre-installed and Window 7 Ultimate, yeah it's FREE! For new Broadband by DiGi Subscribers and current Broadband by DiGi subscribers.

It's very easy;

1. Sign up for a DiGi broadband plan
2. Join the DiGi Telecommunication fan page of Facebook
3. Snap a creative picture of yourself using broadband by DiGi and upload it on the fan page.

As easy as that you may way away with a HP mini with Windows 7 pre-installed or Window 7 Ultimate

I have just submitted mine;

Do click "like" HERE if you found my photo is creative enough to win the HP mini. Arigato!

For more info;


Theeggyolks said...

wow! super creative! Super Digi Man?

benooi said...

LOVE IT! wah yeng lo

Nicholas Chan said...

feels like genie more .

Joshua said...

Theeggyolks - lol! There's no creative word in my dictionary, it mean SIAO! lol

benooi - Thanks man!

Nicholas - Thought u will say Casper tim. lol