Nov 4, 2009

M = Mempersialsuikan

Posted by Joshua |

Below is a video broadcasted by BBC Radio 4 from UK to explore the divide among races in Malaysia.

The person who speak in the video was name Luqman, a so called "Student Leader" at the Universiti Teknologi MARA.

What an ignorant and racist person. Although I'm Chinese, I have a lot great malay friends. I'm not labeling all malays are equal to this douchebags HIM.

It's just a purely personal thought about what HE has said, I Apologize if you found offended.

As you can see, he's trying to tell to the world that that the non-malay in Malaysia are just permanent resident only and we are not even a Malaysian. We claimed as multiracial country but somehow doing worse than those didn't claim to be.

Privileges? He would only thought privileges would just drop off from the sky just because he is Malay?

I don't really understand how on earth he can be graduated with a degree and speak like somebody who has no sense of humanity (speak never go through his brain)

If we are not treated equal among the race in the country, how do you expect for unity by the vision of Malaysia 1Malaysia?

He mentioned the metal arch symbol "M" is meant of Malay.

I think he got it wrong, it should be "Merpersialsuikan"

He has mempersialsuikan the others as a representation he made of Malaysia.
He has mempersialsuikan Malaysia for being such a racist citizen.


Edwin T said...

stupid! i was once an member of UKM student representative council, but we never make such an idiot thing.

maybe he just wanna be famous. but really stupid! (i dont know what other word can describe better).

eh! i hold a blue IC one. they dont even think that their ancestors were from indonesia too.

the real bumi are the orang asli and local natives in sabah and sarawak.

P.S. sorry if i'm overact. but i really couldnt tolerate this.

HitoMi^^ said...

agreed with you. He is such a racist that we ought to DESPISE him!!

What on earth, we should be proud of the special feature of Malaysia. We are all together!!

Joshua said...

Edwin T - Hahahah! Is normal, i believe alot more ppl would have the same feeling like u.

Hitomi - Yeah! Racist bastard. Is our money who subsidised UiTM.

kenwooi said...

hmm.. no comments.. -.-

Joshua said...

kenwooi - No comments mean alot comments but afraid to spill out. lol

Chase92 said...

Oh my God, what a racist pig...