Nov 22, 2009

Mun Lay & Ronan's Birthday

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Just got back from Wangsa Maju celebrated Mun Lay & Ronan's Birthday at Happy Seasons Restaurant. It's actually belated Birthday to be exact.

An unique restaurant that has 4 seasons enviroment for you to dine in. Didn't manage to take much photo as was super hungry for foods.

The makan gang.

Aaron, Cheng Yee, Sandy, Yoke Yee, Mun Lay, Andy, Gigi and Ronan. Where's me? Try to spot me at the mirror on the left. lolz!

The gals

My black pepper lamb chop.

The portion was too little, doesn't fulfilled my hunger. XD

The b'day gal and b'day boy gone high.

A serious shot.

To be honest, the foods there were just so so only but the environment is the main attraction. Price wise, it's as the normal cafe price like Tsim Tung, Kim Gary & Wong Kok.

There's go a simple update for 2day. Happy Sunday everyone!


FirhanAbqari said...

yummy lamb chop wawawa

beN said...

wow, that man haha, act cute

yienyien said...

ee... YY curl her hair ha??

nice nice!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Firhan - Taste so so only

beN - Hahaha!

yienyien - wah! like that you also can notice wor? Respect! =)

yienyien said...

of coz la!! fast fast praise me! fai d fai d!

Anonymous said...

yienyien very clever lar! Hahahah