Dec 20, 2009

Big Smurfs - Avatar

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Just got back from Times Square after watched Big Smurfs "Avatar" with YY.

One words to describe this movie "SUPER CRAZY NICE MOVIE THAT SHOULD NOT TO BE MISSED"

The CG is the nice-est that I ever see and the storyline is the best-est but the ending a bit sad.

Haven't watch the movie? Check out the trailer first below;

It's another awareness movie of our ill-ed earth. It's well explained how selfishness we as humans.

Rate 9/10 1 point minus becoz good peoples have to die de.


Tony Wan said...

lolololol.... So nice oh? I tot it's juz fucking good CG movie with noob story line....

I muz go to watch soon LOL

SJ said...

they gave a poster for every purchase of 2 tickets d poster

A smile from SJ =)

conan_cat said...

aww someone died?? so sadddd :( but imma still gonna watch the movie xD next week next week i go!!

Nikel Khor said...

avatar nice movie

Anonymous said...

Tony Wan - U must! If can watch 3D

SJ - I didn't get geh. *sad*

conan_cat - Must watch eh, if can 3D version ya!

Nikel - Superb!

Shiveeleaves said...

Avatar Super Duper NICE! I feel like go watch it again on 3D version

Anonymous said...

Shiveeleaves - I'm gonna watch again 2moro! Heheheh