Dec 4, 2009

Nokia Social Messaging Workshop

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Just got back from The Nokia Social Messaging Workshop in conjunction of the new launch Nokia E72 at Italiannies, The Gardens organised by Nokia Malaysia and Text100 Malaysia.

Some splendid foods were served, from starter to dessert. *Please don't drools over on your computer ya*

This is the new Nokia E72.

The key features of Nokia E72 include;

  • Numeric keypad, QWERTY keyboard
  • One-touch keys for the Home, Calendar, Contacts and Email icons
  • Intuitive Optical Navi Key
  • Supports multiple simultaneous email accounts, emails with attachments or with filtering, as well as HTML email support
  • HSDPA maximum speed: 10.2 Mbps
  • Integrated A-GPS with compass
  • Nokia Maps 3.0
  • 5 megapixel camera (2592 x 1944 pixels) with autofocus and flash
Mr. Glenn Cha, Product Manager of Malaysia & Brunei explains the features that available on the Nokia E72 and the new Nokia Messaging for Chat.

There were also a game held after the presentation. A giant human sizes, snakes and ladders game board were placed on the center of the room.

The games works with some Q&A.

We are assigned to have 2 peoples in 1 team, one of the member answer the question and reply by Instant Messaging with the Nokia E72 and the other team member played on the game board.

I've teamed up with Joshua Ong/@joshuaongys "Double Joshua" and guess what? We have won the game and got ourself a brand new Nokia E52 each. I was totally speechless when I throw the dice and it's the number "3" that I want. Damn drama! lolz!

*photo by Nigel Sia, Thank you so much.

Thank you so much to the peoples of Nokia Malaysia and Text100 for the invite and sharing.

I guess December is my months, I have won some stuffs 3 times in a role from The Storm Warriors Meet The Fans, I have won 2 movie tickets to watch Storm Warriors II and RM100 voucher. Yesterday was The Avatar Movie Screening tickets from 988 and today a brand new phone.

OMG! December can you stay longer? lolz!


.:[SaimatkonG]:. said...

it's just the starting of december la!! more to come

benooi said...

Wa new phone! new phone!

JunJun-Riko said...

woi y u win so many stuff... new phone pulak now!!!! unfair!

Anonymous said...

Saimatkong - Crossing my finger! XD

benooi - Yeah!

JunJun-Riko - Muakakaka! World is fair one de coz I'm Tallboyz. lol!

SJ said...

i use Lg phone...hehe

A smile from SJ =)

Anonymous said...

SJ - LG also good ma! =)

taufulou said...

damm new phone some more~ nvm la..that nite miss it so this round got it~...

Anonymous said...

taufulou - Yeah! I wan more! lol