Dec 21, 2009

US Parcel

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Last Saturday I've received a parcel from US. Was expecting for it a weeks ago after I've received an email from Mr. Ricky Cadden.

Mr. Ricky Cadden is actually the editor of Symbian Guru. I've always been a big fans of Symbian Guru when I've fell in love with Symbian. What is Symbian? Symbian is an Operating System that used widely on mobile phone especially Nokia. I do run a Nokia blog, do check it out HERE.

I'm more like a reader and rarely leaving any comments till I've participate "Give Thanks With A Free 16GB Sandisk MicroSD Card" few weeks ago in celebration of Thanksgiving day that organised by Symbian-Guru.

And I'm lucky enough to be the winner and won myself a 16GB microSD with microSD adapter and USB reader.

That's a big memory size in a tiny size that can be use on my Nokia N97 mini.

Thank you so much to Symbian Guru and Merry Christmas to Mr. Ricky Cadden.

No doubt, December really month my month.

BTW yesterday morning I've went to Batu Caves with a fren of mine and met a new bunch of frens for photo outing and makan session. Gonna blog post bout it very soon.

Really obsessed with Tilt & Shift. One photo for now. Stay tune!

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¥ù £Ïäñg said...


Symbian Guru said...

congrats dude, glad it made it saafely and that you'll enjoy it!

Nikel Khor said...

wohoo....i wan it too

Wen Jing ^^ said... lucky! randomly picked huh? haha..congrats! now your mini got new memory ^^

Anonymous said...

Yu Liang - Thank you wor!

Symbian Guru - Thank you very much for the early Christmas gift. =)

Nikel Khor - Participate more contests lar!

Wen Jing - Yeah! Got 24GB now! Woots!

Tony Wan said...

walao...16GB.... Congra wor dai lou!

conan_cat said...

wah, congratulations!! 16gb leh, can store a lot of porn inside ur phone

:x opps! :P

tilt shift photography is coool :D lookin forward to ur post about it!

Anonymous said...

Tony Wan - Thanks man!

Conan_cat - lol! Porn! Thanks mate!