Dec 10, 2009

The Storm Warriors Premiere Screening

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Just got back from The Storm Warriors Premiere Screening at Mid Valley Megamall.

The main actors was Tallboyz & Tallboyz incorporate with Tallboyz No Budget Production........... oops wrong poster.

Ah! This is the correct one.

About a month ago I've participation a contest held by GSC-EON Bank in collaboration with Nuffnang Malaysia, Blog & Win "If I'm a Storm Warriors" and I'm lucky enough to win 2 premiere passes.

Reached at Mid Valley around 7+ meet up with JunJunRiko, Hikaru, Cayenne and Adrian for dinner at KimGary. Yeah! KimGary again! lol Dun know why? Follow my Twitter you will know why! Haha

I've attended a few premiere movies and this is the first time that "Soft Drink & Popcorn" were served to everyone. What a thoughtful and generous sponsors.

Back to the movie, I found that the previous movie, The Storm Riders is better that The Storm Warriors with greater storyline. No doubt the CG was remarkable great but the story is a bit short and simple.

Unbelievably both of the movies was gapped 11 years and the actors Aaron Kwok & Ekin Cheng still look the same. Salute!

Conversation are less in the movie, fighting can be done by minds.

The choreography are very nice as it's like I'm watching it from the comic.

To be able to digest this sort of movie you may need to put yourself like reading a comic, else you may found yourself cranking your head asking what are they doing? How come like this? How come like that? lol!

Got few scenes was damn funny. One was when Nameless gave Striding Cloud a name for his new sword technique both we like "buta huruf". Cloud can't read the word and Nameless like simply hantam the word out.

This is my few thought of the actors and actress in the movie;
Aaron Kwok - Played very well in the movie as Striding Cloud
Ekin Cheng - Look abit rusted in acting, the last part damn fake
Simon Yam - Love his metal suit alot and his weakness was armpit? lol
Charlene - Ah Fung, Ah Wan, vomit blood, cry, that all

Overall got 6/10  The CG does impressive me but the sound quality a bit in and out like haven't reached the final production.

BTW Harlo to Benooi (Travel from Penang), CWKen, YungChien, Xiang, JackieLoi, Jac, Mynjayz, and others nice to meet you guys

*All of the opinion was just my personal thought, I'm not trying to biases any parties here. Fairly for my personal interest. 


SJ said...

6/10...not so bad yea...

A smile from SJ =)

benooi said...

too bad man, I got chance to KL actually wanna take photo with you haih...tooo bad LOL

Jackie Loi said...

this word..."fung pat fung, kim pat kim, lei ho yi kiu hui jou...BA!"...wakakaka

EVo said...

6/10 only ah? aiseh. my zombieland rating is even higher laubeh meh. ok buy dvd! lol. see u 2nite at times square bro!

Anonymous said...

SJ - Ok ok lar!

benooi - Sigh! Next time ba!

Jackie - lol! Siao right?

Evo - Woots!

radicalzyc said...

sorry couldn't meetup with u all that night, was juz so buzy occupied with the premier night..

yah, the SW was juz an overdose of CG Animations and no solid story line -.-"

Anonymous said...

radicalzyc - is ok! totally agree with u! hahah

bcj202 said...

Yeah, I agree that Riders was better and the grphics were nice, but it wasn't anything new. Also, I was disappointed how they down played Nameless.