Dec 13, 2009

The Princess & The Frog

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This afternoon I went for a movie at Mid Valley, we've watched "The Princess & The Frog"

If you have watched the trailer, you would know it's a reversed version of the actual storyboard. The Princess has became the frog instead of the frog broke the curse and turned back to The Prince. In this movie the Prince and the Princess are black. (Maybe becoz Obama are the US new President?)

The movie's graphic used was really classic, no heavy graphics applied. It just like what it have used on the earlier Walt Disney fairytale movies and it's good.

This movie reminded me of "The Cinderella" that when I was a kids, I would always watched the movie over and over again during the weekend without favoredness.

As usual, musical elements applied in the movie. The storyline are well executed.

Rate 8.5/10 this would be a best movie to catch with family members.


kim said...

fuah you rated 8.5, should have spend some time to watch this movie :)

SJ said...

haha...this is a gd watch..i laughed frequently

A smile from SJ =)

TZ said...

So after watching the movie... do you wanna to be the frog? :p

JaSoN LCE® said...

I guess its more suitable to watch with gf or those with kids... :)

benooi said...

holiao holiao LOL

taufulou said...

a great movie ha afterall..then can cosider go watch liau..hehe..

Jill said...

wow i like your header looks so cool!

i dunno about this movie hope it will be on show here soon!

nice blog!

Anonymous said...

Kim - Yeah! Indeed!

SJ - Good! =)

TZ - er.... let me think think again! lol

Jason LCE - Family also can!

benooi - LOL! Y u speak hokkien?

taufulou - Can can! U tag all ur gals go! Heheheh

Jill - Thanks mate! U r from which country?

Adele said...

My younger cousins wanna watch this with me. Luckily the movie seems to be quite alright - and some even say nice ;)

benooi said...

if penang lang bo speak hokkien really bukan penang kia liao LOL

Anonymous said...

Adele - is nice ma!

benooi - Hahha! Then I have to learn Hokkien before I come to Penang lor!