Dec 3, 2009

Avatar Movie Screening by 988

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Yeah! It's me a again! Muakaka! If you guys did Followed Me On Twitter you may have know that I've just won 4 movie passes to watch Avatar.

It was through radio station by 988 (K6 Segment/Super Strong K6 Community/Chew Keong "K" Lok Thong) just by sending in a SMS and I got picked. Damn happy can?

It's another 2009 big movie that must not to be missed.

If you guys have no clue what all about this movie, you can have a sneak peep of the trailer embedded below;

Yeah! Up to date record, I have won prizes thru radio station totals of 13 times (TigaBelasKali/SapSamChee/SerSanCer) Woots!

My previous radio stations contests winning;

-Meet The Spartan Movie Passes by 988
-Superheroes Movie Passes by 988
-RM150 Neway Voucher by MyFM
-The Curious Case of Benjamin Button Movie Passes by MixFM
-Dragon Evolution Movie Passes by 988
-The Uninvited Movie Passes by 988
-Make It Happen Movie Passes by OneFM
-Fighting Movie Passes by 988
-Ice Age 3 Movie Passes by OneFM
-RM199 TrichoKare Vouchers by MyFM
-Coweb Movie Passes by OneFM
-Murderer Movie Passes by 988


benooi said...

joined so many constest and won so many geng lo geng lo

Allison said...

u gao gao win movie tixs alot. haha

kenwooi said...

lucky la.. haha =P

Lulu said... in movie ticket winning contest!

Jenifer Alicia Ooi said...

chi sin wan.. always win ><

TZ said...

aiyo u win again...

Anonymous said...

benooi - Woots! More coming. Muakakak

Allison - Yeah! =)

kenwooi - Paiseh!

Lulu - lol! Be positive, everything also can be real =)

Jenifer - Muakaka! Yeah! I got abit chi sin wan. lol

TZ - More than tat actually. Muakakaka!

benooi said...

more coming?
Wa then beh sai liao, wanna challenge you d...haha Joking