Dec 30, 2009

Christmas Dinner at Marciano's

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On Christmas eve, few days back ago, I had a wonderful Christmas dinner with YY.

We have decided to go to the same restaurant that I celebrated my Birthday few months back at RoadHouse Grill.

Me and YY missed the Ribeye very much. Seriously the ribeye there is very nice and the price was good too.

The restaurant actually has changed name to Marciano's and we almost missed it.

Me and YY, while waiting for our foods to be served.

The starter was a plate of salad that taste like popiah that has mayo on it.

Both of us ordered ribeye cooked in "Medium Rare" and something paiseh happened.

FYI medium rare cook is about 60~70% cooked and the rest are raw. When you slice the meat, you could see some bloods.

We have made a very wrong decision till we have requested them to cook it again. lol!

Wen Jing and Ahmike got it right, the presents that I got from YY was a wallet

and.... till now I still can't believe it a Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8

It has been my wishlist for very long time ago.

Thank you dear dear for the wonderful presents and I love it all very much.


Filip Demuinck said...

Food looks yummie

Hemsem Ahmike said...

yeay yeay// I am smarties lolxxxxx

JaSoN LCE® said...

Nice presents!! Btw.. the Lens can be use in every DSLR camera model and whats the difference compare to other lenses??

Sorry.. Im still noob in camera lenses... :p

taufulou said...

nice food. great presents..

lei jau hou lah~

KOKahKOK said...

nice present leh... wei ur gf loves u so much... must sayang her lo u hahah

Agnes Sim said...

sweet couple pic...
wow...ur present is awesome!! wish have somebody gv me lens also...hehe
i saw tat wallet last friday, plan to buy one...but gv up at the end. ;-)

benooi said...

so sweet wow!

Justin Hee said...

Great lens by tammy as usual~ But i prefer the 28-75mm ver which im getting soon~

LoL, btw i tot ugot another christmas gift? *ahem* *Playboy* *ahem*

kenwooi said...

lovely gifts =)

Anonymous said...

Filip - Indeed! =)

Ahmike - lol!

Jason - TQ wor! No lar, specifically for Nikon only. The mount are different for different brand. =)

Bok - Hehehe

RyanKok - Hahah! I will =)

Agnes - The wallet is nice eh! =)

benooi - Too much sugar? XD

Justin - Hahha! U do read my twitter wor. Heheheh

kenwooi - Thanks man!

Copykate said...

i always ordered medium rare. tastes good. LOL.

went to marciano recently. had the lamb there. yummy! <3