Dec 7, 2009

Couples Retreat

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Just watched Couples Retreat at Pavilion with YY. The Christmas decorations are everywhere, the music songs, peoples wearing the red Christmas hat, Christmas shopping. Wow it's feel so good as I'm in holiday.

The movie is about 4 good couples journey to a tropical island resort as one of the couple went there to work on their marriage by participating the resort's couple therapy. And as the rest were expecting for a relaxing holiday but turned up they have to participate the couple therapy as well as it's not optional.

A lot humours and laughter can be found in this movie, especially the yoga class.

The island views was simply breathtaking, was wondering where's the place.

Rate 7/10 a great medicine for a good laugh =)

BTW Happy Monday guys!


SJ said...

laughing away the blues when watchin this mov?

A smile from SJ =)

TZ said...

I must go to down to Pavilion to take the Xmas shots... :p

benooi said...

wah you keep watching movie nia,
then wednesday movie again LOL

taufulou said...

ahh..not a bad 1 ah..will go n watch~

Anonymous said...

SJ - Yeah!

TZ - Go fast fast! Hehehe

benooi - Yeah! 2moro Storm Warriors. Woots! C u there!

taufulou - Yeah! Tag ur fren along!