Jun 16, 2008

AMBP Gathering, Incredible Hulk & The Happening

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Last Saturday attended Smashin' Gathering for Blogger by AMBP at Outpost Cafe, Cathay Cineleisure Damansara. Met a lot bloggers like UncleJosh, Andrew, Simonso, Will, JoshuaOng, Jeanie and alot more.

Thank you to Advertlets for the invitation.

Beside AMBP, there's another happening gathering. Gathering of Joshua(s) Hahaha

After the AMBP gathering, there's a special screening of "The Incrediable Hulk"

The Increadible Hulk damn nice I tell you. Must watch! Do you notice this poster, the main actor look abit like Rames? Hehe!

Rate 8.5/10

After The Increadible Hulk, me and my gf go for another movie again. Hahaha! I'm on movie fever.

Watched "The Happening" at Mid Valley after dinner.

Not really "happening" of this movie. Really dun know wat this movie all about. Only seeing peoples killing themselve with no reason and they clamied is the trees and the grasses released some chemical that caused it.

I guess this movie trying to tell us that the mother nature ain't happy with us anymore and something bad might happened if continue.

Luckily I'm not very tired else I should have fallen asleep in the cinema.

Rate 3/10

There's how I spend my Saturday.


joshuaongys said...


BeverLy's Secret said...

So many Joshuas!!

Anonymous said...

JoshuaOngys - Yeah!
Beverly - Haha! More and more coming! =P

joshuatly said...

Wow. So many blogger joshua out there. If i get a chance, sure join the joshua group... haha, may i?

Anonymous said...

Joshuatly - Of course can! Very welcome. Gather more and more Joshua! Hahahha!