Jun 27, 2008

Some Changes

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It has been few month I didn't change my header.

I wanted to change my header for long time but I'm not really good in designing nor working around with Photoshop.

On my new header I played around with filter and opacity to create some reflection.

The photo of me above were taken by myself with wireless remote and I know it look a bit cacat. Hahaha!

And yes! I'm like no other blogger which like to camwhore. Muakakakaka!


bearlim said...

nice reflection you make!
but...i still like the previous one :P
good work! :)

KOKahKOK said...

ok...nice try...i wanna try also...be copycat? haha

andrew said...

wah!! nice nice.. heheh cool header!! =D wonder when only i gona change!! anyone wanna design for me?? ROFLMAO

Shiveeleaves said...

still wan tipu ppl you are not tall.

Charles Key said...

jz now yr banner haven't load yet, then saw this pics, I was thinking why got Jay Chou one..then saw wht u wrote..then...hahaha

Joshua aka Jay Chou

Anonymous said...

Bearlim - Izit? Ran out of idea jor =P
KOKahKOK - Hahaha! We are sharing! =)
Andrew - Thanks man! =)
Shiveeleaves - =P
CharlesKey - Hahaha! Got meh? I face very hodoh wan ler. =P

Charles Key said...

u whr got hodoh la?

Anonymous said...

CharlesKey - Hehe! Muka saya! =P