Jun 19, 2008

Miss You Dear!

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Last Wednesday I went for dinner with my dear, we normally had dinner together every Wednesday.

That day wasn't any special day or special occasion, just that I suddenly miss her so much.

I bought her an inexpensive mini bouquet of flowers nearby her office.

Cute mou?

Yeah! My dear more cute =)

Damn I hate my hair, look like orang giler from no where. Ignore my clothes, I meet her after work thus didn't get changed.

We had dinner at littlepenangkafe, Mid Valley.

This what we had. Char Kuey Teow, Lum Mee (this one nice) and a side dishes (forgot wat's it called, taste good serve with vegetable)

The enviroment.

My dear went to Hong Kong 2day and only be back on Monday evening. =(

I'm gonna MISS her so much.


KOKahKOK said...

wo wo wo...really MINI....looks BUT but.....is MINI...dun miss too much until cant sleep! hehe....

:: yvonne :: said...

wow!!! Sweet neh~~~ ^^ she went to Hong Kong.. sure u miss her very very much~~~ I know dat kind of feeling... Hahaha~~~ Cheers...
Eh, will u attend the village fest tmr at bangsar village?

Charles Key said...

whualao eh...the frower so vr the lomantic wei.

next time I also gonna get it for my darling liao...hehe

joshuaongys said...

wahhhhh so sweet couple hehehe... nvm lar a few days only... plan something sweet for her when u come back?? hehe

Anonymous said...

KOKahKOK - Hehehe!
Yvonne - Yalo! Luckily 2day monday already. She's back! =) Nope! Got something on.
CharlesKey - Hehehe! Good! Buy one for her =)
Joshuaongys - She's back 2nite! Kanjiong kanjiong! Hehehe!