Jun 5, 2008

Terrible Night

Posted by Anonymous |

What a terrible night yesterday? I believe most of you guys been debating/questioning/arguing bout the sudden hike of petrol rate.

Yesterday about 5pm + I received a lot news about the petrol price going to hike RM0.78/litre by mid night thru assorted media such as sms, msn, phone call, e mail even twitters and etc from frens.

Last time RM0.30 we already complaining, now a total of 40% price increased. It really gave a big impact to all drivers.

Before the news I was thought of refilling petrol as my fuel almost touching the ground and I already expected there will to be a loooooooong "Q" if I go to refill by that time.

There was a terrible traffic due to long "Q" on all petrol kiosk, doesn't care what's the brands. Even some petrol kiosk closed due low stock level or mayb they trying to keep stock.

I got to queue with the other.

Surprisingly I able to get my turn by 5 minutes of queue, thanks to the well organised worker in Petronas.

Like vampire hunting for bloods.

Woots! I able to filled up the so called "cheap" petrol for the day.

RM62.51 else I have to pay RM87.90. I saved RM25.39. Hahahha! I'm damn cheap! =P

Damn, it was a record for me to stuck in traffic for 2 hours that normally took me 30-40min to reach the destination. Thanks to "HIM" for keeping his promise!

BTW! This morning I notice something, car become less on the road and no more ppl revving their's car in the highway. Hahahha! Mayb that's the pros of this incident. Lower accident rate!


calgraden said...

after I typing on the calculator, i have to pay RM270 per month for the new price...before that is only RM190...get poor now damn!!!!

gary ooi said...

luckily i;m not driving..muahaha..but will have to pay more when i have my own car years later..haha

Shiveeleaves said...

damn,i was on my way back from college and i saw petrol station queueing up like hell,i thought must be another prank,well is not this time.
Yeah,i too notice less people revving lately,so do i,always stare at the speed metre and RPM,Seksanya.

bearbear said...

eii, u say u sold ur car?liar >.<

357km only r, bad milage. Serve u right =p

btw u say less traffic, on thursday morning when i hit federal already start jamming -.-"

Anonymous said...

Shiveleaves - Haha! So didn't pump petrol? Me too! Keeping my RPM on 2k
Bearbear - Shhhhh! Coz u r a badluck bear! =P