Jun 6, 2008

Happy Friday

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Woots! I believe most of you guys feel anxious and happy to have Friday walked by as 2moro going to be a relaxing day for us. Hehehe! Yes! I’m a lazy bone.

Today I’m damn happy as after work will be seeing my girl fren, I do really miss her a lot, the other hand I also got a bonus to watch “Kung Fu Panda” with her.

Dear thank you for the tickets. =)

Can wait to c this movie as received some great feedback from Adrian and over rated feedback from Rames.

4 more hours to goes I'll be at 1U to watch this. Yahooooooo!!!!!


Hon Mun said...

i will be watching in pavilion tonite.. XD

hp84 said...

I saw from rames blog, he rates it 11/10. Will be waiting for your review.

Am planning to watch it this weekend. Woo Hoo.. weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Hon Mun - =O Nice ler?
HP84 - Go! Damn nice I tell u!