Jun 9, 2008

Kung Fu Panda Rock! Prom Night Sux!

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Sorry no update on weekend, no more internet connection at home.

As you guys know, I watched Kung Fu Panda last Friday.

One word to describe this movie "Jeng" / "Awesome"

This movie must watch, the animation is great same with the storyline. Most of you haven't watched this movie so I better not to be a spoiler here. =P

Go grab urself a ticket and watch with your family, fren and your loved one.

Exclusive Invitation!! Hehe! Thanks to my Dear! =)

Rating of this 9.5/10 (The ending not clear)

Beside watching Kung Fu Panda. I also watched Prom Night on Saturday. My gf eagerly to watch this movie. She like horror movie tho but she will always cover her's eye during the scary scence. Hahahah!

Nothing much to talk about this movie, quite boring and the storyline damn sien.

Rating 3/10