Jun 18, 2008

Made Of Honour Special Screening

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Woots! Yesterday was a happening nite at 1 Utama. Went for special screening of "Made Of Honour" Thanks to Advertlets

Crowded with alot famous bloggers, light was flashing was everywhere. Bloggers really like camwhore. So do I! Hehehe! Too bad I didn't brought my camera along, straight come to 1U after work.

Met a few bloggers that I normally chat in our blogs like waiseng, Hon Mun aka Munster, Shiveeleaves, Kim and more.

Before the movie start we went to Wong Kok for dinner.

Photos below were taken by smashpOp's alpha A700.

Me, simonso and UncleJosh

waiseng, simonso, me and pOp

as usual the Joshua(s) gathered up and take a group photo. Too bad joshuaongys was not around.

Me, Joshua Chew (welcome to the gang =P), UncleJosh, JoshLim and er....... I forgot to ask =P

Ok! Back to the movie. This movie is splendid, really suitable for all not just only couple. Alot scenes can laugh out loud and romantic. Damn nice lor!

Will watch again with my gf.

Rate 9/10. High ler!


BeverLy's Secret said...

Splendid? Hmmm...Then I know what's for this coming weekend!

Anonymous said...

Beverly - Must watch with ur boyfriend =)