Jun 3, 2008

Kanna Curry House

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Last week my colleague brought me lunch ala banana leaf.

I'm not a fan of spicy foods, fren that close to me they would know.

We went to Kanna Curry House at Section 17, PJ.

What so special bout this restaurant? Expensive! Hahahaha.

The thing that interested me is that they will only cooked the meat such as fishs, chickens, squids upon ordered.

U can refill rice any much as you like, a credit whereas now the rice price increased tremendously and we can have a much as we like. =P

Big Banana Leaf.

Got a few curry to choose.

Some appetizer I believe.

We also ordered sotong.

This is mine. Yummy ler?

Would you guys use ur hand to eat or prefer to use fork and spoon to eat your meal ala banana leaf?

Do you know after you finished your meal on banana leaf, the folding upward/backward of the leaf show or tell the taste of the foods whether is good or bad?


hp84 said...

Yea, I got to know from my Indian friends that folding the banana leaf after you finish the meal will show either it is good/bad. I forgot folding which way is good.

The best is to leave it unfold. HaHa..

bearlim said...

i went there for once! i cannot tahan the spicy food there also..

Anonymous said...

HP84 - I also heard from my gf.
Bearlim - I also cannot take spicy foods =P

calgraden said...

for banana leaf meal, I prefer use hand, taste more yummy!...haha

Anonymous said...

Calgarden - Oh!!!! I'm a lazy bone to wash my hand. =P

vialentino said...

i love indian food....recetly my blog also post bout indian banana leaf rice.....

Anonymous said...

vialentino - Too bad I'm not a fan of spicy foods =P