Jun 23, 2008

OMG! An air plane landed at Pandan Jaya

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A crap post for today! Although 2day is Monday, normally Monday would always give me Monday blue feel but 2day is different. Y? My dear is coming back 2nite and I'm going to fetch her. Yahoooooo!!!

Last Saturday I passed by Jalan Pandan Jaya after had brunch with my sister. Then I saw an air plane appeared in front me from nowhere.

Yes! An air plane landed in the middle of the road.

Hahaha! This car trying very hard to transform his ride to be capable to fly. =P

Look at the GT Wing, it's wider than it's body and the height just nice for those neckless/idiot/stupid bikers to chop off their's head. Haha! Evil.

Beside the GT Wing look at the mufflers, the mufflers just sharp enough to cut peoples leg.

This modification is kinna ridiculous for on the road motorist. Kinna ahbeng feel for me lor.

Ok with the ahbeng car, now let me show you some nice modification.

Actually kinna rare to see Mercedes moded on the road.

Last week I saw a CLK240 by AMG, but dun know really AMG or not lar.

Seriously this Merc. really look very yeng with it's wide body bodykits. Damn sport I tell you!



andrew said...

haha... damn nice car kan??? =D omg.... air plane simply land wan... LOL

Anonymous said...

Andrew - Muakaka! Yalor not permit one. lolz!

clive said...

i dont understand the people why need such big wing on the normal road..hahah

Shiveeleaves said...

walao ehh,the wing can sidai cloth on it liao.
i wonder,how fast he can drive until need such a big downforce,300km/h? :P

clk,damn yeng,i remember i saw one at hartamas also.

imDavidLee said...

wow..fuel price increase will never affect ur interest on car!!!

Anonymous said...

Clive - Yeng lor! =P
Shiveeleaves - Can sidai baju, put cup and more. =P
imDavidLee - Look only mah, buying or not buying is different senario. Just my sense. Since the petrol already increased, we can't do anything but to accept the fact.

adrian said...

Haha sure a fake AMG.
AMG codename their car with 2 number only. If not mistaken CLK should be CLK 63. This bodykit is more to the CLK DTM bodykit, wide type.

Anonymous said...

Adrian - Wah! U know alot bout Merc. =)

adrian said...

Coz I'm a Cars Lover. :D

Anonymous said...

Adrian - Car lover huh! =)

Jakk said...

the wheel "sell out" the clk.

owner should install spacer. =D