Sep 4, 2009

1Malaysia by Proton

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Another Merdeka TVC with the theme of 1Malaysia by Proton.

Although Merdeka already past like 4 days ago, but good stuffs have to be shared to all no matter when.

There are 7 short videos created with our 3 Malaysian icons Afdlin Shauki, Dato David Aramugam and Ho Yuhang. The short videos is about 3 of them spent a night together at a pasar malam and talks about Malaysia.

Powerful meaning and laughter found in the clips reflect our Malaysia's multirace cultures. I love all of the short videos and probably this is the best Merdeka TVC of year 2009.

ROJAK - It's the mix of ingredients that makes a good rojak. Just like Malaysia

CENSORED - Over 20 languages. And yet, we understand each other. Perfectly.

LOK-LOK - Respect, understanding and good food. It's the recipe that keeps us together.

KUIH MUIH - Peace and harmony for all since 1957 (well, almost)

KONSERT PASAR - 3 things for a better Malaysia
1. Laughter
2. Dancing
3. Karaoke

CIPLAK - Beli barang buatan Malaysia

HANGUS - Wawasan 2020. What it becomes is up to us.

To know more, you may visit 1Malaysia Proton