Sep 25, 2009

Donor 129

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For those who afraid of blood and needles please be aware, contain some disturbing images and it's not for faint hearted. lol! Sound serious can?

About 2 weeks ago I went for a blood donation campaign organised by I-Kuan Tao held at Leisure Mall, Cheras.

I didn't know about the blood donation until YY called me and told me there's one at Leisure as I told her I was eagerly to donate blood.

So I rushed to Leisure Mall and filled up a form with some questions asked;

Did you had breakfast this morning?
Do you have hepatitis B?
Are you a HIV positive carrier?
Did you donate blood within 3 months?
Did you had surgery or operation within this year?
Do you have a girlfriend? WTF?
Can I date you out handsome? WTFF?
and so on.....

Then I was asked to stand on a scale to measure my weight. I was weighted 67kg only? OMG! I'm way too light for my height? Damn, will I get 58kg after I give out the blood? lol

Next I head to another table to get blood sample. This part was super pain lor, the needle poked exactly to my finger tip that has the most receptors.

After that I got a number, I'm donor 129. BTW this is my second time donating blood and the 1st time I come alone, no supporter, dun know anyone there, no ppl help me take photos. lol! Scary can?

take turn to sit on the cold chair with alot tubes surrounded you. Hahhahaha! Seriously it's quite cold tho... the air cond.

when I got on the seat, I was asked to lay down and the tubes and bag placed in between my leg.

The skin that close to the vein that blood drawn point were cleaned with antiseptic to prevent any bacteria from contaminating the blood. A LARGE needle was pierced to my vein and the blood started to drawn to the bag. To be honest, it doesn't really that pain.

I have to squeeze the bar given to have better/faster blood drawn to the bag.

It took me like 15 minutes to get 450ml of blood.

After that I was asked to rest on the chair for about 5 minutes then grab some foods that prepared.

I do feel very good after the blood donation, no dizzy or unwell just become very hungry. Since when I would  feel full? Ya! The 1st 30 minutes then I'm hungry again. Muakakak!

Seriously, the experience is very good. You can help peoples who does really need it and in other hand it also good to have new blood cells replaced in our body.
It's only take about 3-4 days to recover the blood that you have given out and in about 3 months you can donate again.

I got certificate and a medal, dun play play eh!

So if you guys are good and healthy do donate bloods, our country Blood Bank does really need it. Donate when you can and it's hard to say maybe someday you might be needed a favour *TouchWood, TouchWood* *SlapMyMouth*

I'm pretty sure I will do it again and again when it's allowed.


SJ said...

i hvent donated any drop of blood to the needy ppl b4, put aside those cuts and bruises. it's not bad that ou've got urself a cert and a medal. hard piece of cert? not lembek one rite? then it's simply generous of you to donate your precious blood cos not all are willing to do it, put aside those who cant donate. congrats!

From me to you, suejean =)

sarah said...

cheh...poke a bit oso complain good to donate blood. A bit exaggerate lor to give medal n cert for two-timed donor...hahaha...usually ppl give hamper or a bag of goodies lor...anyway...i m proud of u

KOKahKOK said...

ya lo abit exaggerate la... give medal somemore haha... looks like my niece's medal :)

anyway keep up this good job... "poke" for good cause!!

irresistible said...

yup.. agree on the blood test part. it was painful for that bit.

Donated blood for 3 times already and i felt great every time. ^^

glad u donated. Very good. :)

Anonymous said...

Gila siao lar. donate blood still can take picture. Keng!! lolz. I donated twice in my life. 1st time everything went well but second time went gila. Felt dizzy and about to KO to heaven. probably due to lack of sleep and a hungry stomach la. :)

clive said...

walao got cert and metal!~ this is so encouragement.

F'Amos said...

congratulations! pls let me know wen u donate again. i wanna join! =)

Anonymous said...

SJ - Yeah! It's those hard one. Haha! You should try, very good one!

sarah - I also feel so when I got the cert. =P

KOKahKOK - Haha! Ur niece's medal? -.-"

irresistible - Yalor! Damn painful!

Danny Ooi - You should be in good shape before the blood donation.

clive - Heheh! R u going to donate too?

Amos - Sure thing! =)

Edwin T said...

wah. u got a medal! poor me, I never have one although being poked by the big needle for 12 times. XD

P.S. the antiseptic (the usual one we use is 70% isopropyl alcohol swab) is to prevent introducing infection into your body rather than the fear of infecting your blood bag, Josh. :)

Anonymous said...

Edwin - Wah! 12 times jor wor. Respect eh! U study doctor?

Edwin T said...

i'm a final year medical student in UKM. :)