Sep 26, 2009

Free Coca Cola Contour Glass

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McDonald's is giving out free Coca Cola Limited Edition Contour Glasses. It come with 7 different colours and one colour at a time for limited time only. There is this "Sparkly Clear" colour, a must to collect which only available in Malaysia. FYI, the glass that given free ain't those cheap plastic like those mamak stall has that turned to yellowish, it's a real thing with good quality glass.

So yesterday in the afternoon during my lunch break, me and my colleagues head to McDonald's at Center Point.

p/s and met @jennisurf there. Hehehe! Harlo!

In order to get the free Contour Glass, you need to purchase any 1 of the Large Set McDonald's Meal + 1 Sundae Choco/Strawberry and the Contour Glass is free for you with no extra cost.

As usual, I ordered Big Mac. I'm a big fan of Big Mac, don't believe? Check out this!

All fries are poured out and created a French Fries Hill. By looking at it, I can feel sore throat and "Yit Hei"

for this time, Perky Pink glass were given.

Have to pose abit with it lar. Hahahahahahah! Ok! Pink doesn't suit me, it look gay. XD

It's a quite good deal I would say.

Those Coca Cola Contour glass fans out there, go to McDonald's now and get one before it's finish. Advise to go at 12am-3pm for better deal. Hehehehe I'm damn cheapskate. lol


SJ said...

wow. look at how much ketchup you guys poured onto the tiny plastic plates. haha. simply liking the way anyway. cos i do that too!

From me to you, suejean =)

TZ said...

hehehe... tonite dinner McDonald's... blek~

curryegg said...

Adoi... I am drolling here... Love the glass.. :)

Edwin T said...

nevermind. just drink some "leung sui" if feeling "yit hei". haha

Dylan Phuah said...

hoho! McValue Lunch! economy merosot, got chance to save must save d :D

Xjion89 said...

oooo, i like the blue glass^^

haha, a mountain of fries = sore throat

Anonymous said...

SJ - Guess alot ppl also eat like this.

TZ - Wah!

curryegg - Go McD tonite!

Edwin T - Hehehe! Can make a glass for me?

Dylan - McD save meh? lol

Xjion89 - Damn sore throat! Hahahha

Canny said...

hello.... do you still have the pink glass?
are you willing to sell it or just give me?

Anonymous said...

Canny - Sorry gal! I'm collecting all of the glasses. =(

keaton said...

hey anyone here ?
i am truely interested with the pink contour glass ...
are those for sales ?

keaton said...

reply me asap ! :) tq tq