Sep 3, 2009

Got X Got Friends also Got Prizes

Posted by Anonymous |

If you guys remember, about a month ago I posted Got X, Got Friends contest organised by Celcom Xpax. The contest are still in running.

Just 2 weeks back, Aaron Sim who submitted this photo Got X, Got EM Rockstars has made himself to be the winner to party like a rockstar with Pop Shuvit at Japan. Yeah! JAPAN! Country with a lot pretty chicks sakura flowers

There are still a lot cool and hot prizes that has not found theirs owners yet and you might be the one.

Here's are some photos that they have posted on Got X, Got Friends photo wall.

Got cute makcik by ekiddie with the theme of AWWW!!

Got bali Love by candythonos with the LOVE & BFF theme

Got All White Dress Code by Me with the theme Out & About

Got Silly 277 by Balstar with the Gotcha theme.

You think you can do better than this?

Start submitting your photo on Got X, Got Friends photo wall. There's no limit how many photos you can submit, the more you submit the higher chances you could walk away with the prize.

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