Sep 7, 2009

Yoke Yee's Birthday@Tenji

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About 2 weeks ago we had an early celebration of Yoke Yee's birthday at Tenji, Solaris.

Once we reached there, we got ready with plate on our hand and start taking as much foods as we can. lol!

Actually Tenji was not just a Japanese restaurant, they served variety foods like western and eastern. If you guys tried Jogoya, it's just about the same but lesser variety comparing with Jogoya. I didn't manage to take much photos of the foods, only can thought of eating as much as I can. XD

Here some photos I took that day.

Suzuki are not really available hehehe! it just have the similar rhythm. XD

Do you love oyster? I dun actually, it just look expensive only.

After dinner, it's a must for us to have dessert. Hagen Daz of ice cream and alot alot type of sweet cakes and chocolates to choose from.

As usual, we cam-ho around.

Me with Yoke Yee, Sandy and Mun Lay.

The gals

Ubi and Sandy.

The makan gang with the birthday gals, Yoke Yee.

Happy Birthday Dear Dear! "I Love You" always oh!

BTW! Happy Holiday to those who works in Selangor and for those who have to work, don't be sad. Raya is just around the corner and it's gonna be 2 days of Holiday! Woots! Love September can?


TZ said...

Yummy!.... I meant the food ... :p

Hemsem Ahmike said...

Nice foods :) Happy birthday dear

vialentino said...

wah....nice bday celebration, how u find the food there?

AndyC said...

you made me hungry....

Anonymous said...

TZ - Hehehee!

Ahmike - lol! Hey hey! That's ur ah sou lar. =P

vialentino - So so only, just alot choices.

AndyC - lol! Let's makan!