Sep 2, 2009

Final Destination 4

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Just back from 1 Utama, watched Final Destination - Death Saved The Best For Last".

Special thanks to YungChien for the invite. To be a spoiler? Not to be? To be a spoiler? Not?

Don't care lar! All the series of Final Destination are the same. All death in the end, it just the matter how awful they would died. XD

Quite kanjiong seasoned with laughter.

Rate 7/10.

p/s try to eat before the movie as I afraid you might not have appetite to eat after the movie.

I fetched YungChien at his house as my office to his house is quite near.

So we went for dinner before the movie. We went to I Love You YOO, same floor with TGV old wing.

Ordered Set B, Porridge + You Tiao/Yau Char Kwai/Oil Fried Ghost lol! and Soya bean. Look like a very healthy meal doesn't it? It's doesn't filled my stomach and I got hungry in less than an hour. XP

After that we walk walk around as the movie still late and I saw this......

What service they provide? hmmmmmmm. Muakakaka! Just crapping around.

BTW nice meeting you JosM aka Jeffro, JoshuaLaw, Zues, Hitomi, Tian Chad and Ming.


` shirleen said...

salun kuku
XD XD ...........

Joshu@law said...

"BTW nice meeting you JosM aka Jeffro, Zues, Hitomi, Tian Chad and Ming."

Wa....don't have my name lar?! LoL~ just kidding!

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Haha nice to meet you too =)

TZ said...

i don't think i will watch Final Destination 4... I just don like that kind of movie ;-)

Anonymous said...

shirleen - Yalor! XD

Joshu@law - Sori sori, i got bad memory. =P

TianChad - =)

TZ - Hahaha! Some ppl might like coz it's kanjiong.