Sep 16, 2009

Gold Class Experience

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A week ago, me and YY went for a movie at Signature GSC, The Garden.

YY has 2 free tickets of Gold Class and it will expired very soon s. That day was only 2 movies available which is UP and Final Destination 4.
Me and YY has already watched UP so decided to watch Final Destination 4 although I've watched but YY has not.

Gold Class ticket worth RM60 each. 2 tickets = RM120.

For Gold Class customers, there's a nice hall to hang out before the movie. The environment is very class and comfortable.

Did took a video of the hall.

as usual before the movie start, I will make business and then I found something interesting in the toilet. lol. Yeah! Toilet! I'm super jakun lar.

There was only 4 peoples in the cinema hall for this movie, I feel like a rich dude booked the entire hall. lol

The seats are in couple-individual. The seats are adjustable from 90° to 180° via electronic seat, mean you can sleep while enjoying the movie. Pillow and blanket are also provided.

YY do really enjoy seat.

While watching the movie and you found that something to be panic, there's a panic button ready between the seats. lol! Just joking only lar!. If you need drink or some snack you can just press that button and a waiter will be approach you for order.

It's a great experience of watching movie in Gold Class. If you asking me for RM60 for a movie ticket, please stab me with a knife. lol.


kenwooi said...

wow.. i never enter gold class before.. haha.. the panic button... nice one! lol.. =D

Xjion89 said...

wow, so luxurious~~~~~~~~
and it is too expensive~~~~~~~~~

KOKahKOK said...

rich man like you will go for this only ..even it is not free haha lol

yienyien said...

My gosh!!! RM 60 per ticket.. stab me with a hammer weii!! ahahahhaha!!!

¢ħуαη 【♂】 said...

Walao. Uber awesome. XD

Anonymous said...

kenwooi - Thanks wor!

Xjion89 - Yeah! Expensive

KOKahKOK - Where got? I dun have money lor.

yienyien - Hammer? Stab? Can meh? lol

chyan - Hehehehe!

yienyien said...

can la... nth is impossible! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

yien yien - I must learn from you. lol!