Sep 12, 2009

Why I Love Kim Gary

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If u did follow my tweet, probably you will be seeing me tweet "I'm having lunch at Kim Gary", "I'm having dinner at Kim Gary", "I'm having brunch at Kim Gary again" and etc.

Why do I love to eat at Kim Gary?
It's not becoz I'm chinese so I only eat in chinese restaurant. No! I'm not racist k? I also eat at Steven's Corner, Rasa Sayang and more. I just love to makan with good deal and taste good.

There are 4 factors for me to dine-in in a restaurant.
- Taste good.
- Special and unique foods
- Value for money.
- Good service.

Kim Gary does provide a great deal with their's membership program as I posted on my previous post "Don't You Love Kim Gary?"

This time we manage to use the 50% discount as it was YY's birthday month

The discount only apply for only 6 pax, so I have tagged Andy, Mun Lay, Evelyn, Winbely and of course me and YY.  We ordered the foods like it's free. Waiter! Give me the most expensive meal in the menu. lol!

The table was filled with foods. Damn crazy can?

Here come the foods that we have ordered.

I have ordered lamb steak but I forgot to snap mine. -.-"

This is YY's black pepper beef steak. Taste normal only, my lamb steak way better. XD

Evelyn's mixed chops

Andy ordered stone grilled rice with kimchi, but he dun eat kimchi. lol!

Mun Lay ordered Fried Spaghetti, this one taste very nice. Will order on my next visit.

We also ordered cheese rice with salmon and abalone. Dun play play, got abalone one. Haha!

French's Toast is a much for us to order. Next miss it!

So this is the makan gang. Cam-ho. Failed! Damn! I really hate this camera. Sigh!

with the 50% birthday discount voucher, we got  RM75 ringgit discount weh!

It's really value for money with Kim Gary membership. RM15 for the exchange is super worth. That make me love Kim Gary more! Hahahaha!


Dylan Phuah said...

hey, how do you get that membership card neways? i've always wanted one but no waiters asked me to sign up. lol!

ahlost said...

Now I know why I hate Kim Gary !!

cos there's no Kim Gary in Kuching :(

LuckyBoy1420 男孩像我 said...


LuckyBoy1420 男孩像我 said...

so suprise you dont know chinese...
anyway... i come from earth :P

Anonymous said...

Dylan - Just ask from them directly.

ahlost - Hahah! Later I call Bosco. :P

LuckyBoy1420 - -.-" tat's lame lar. lol