Sep 29, 2009

Surrogates | Flagged Down

Posted by Joshua |

Just got back from Cineleisure or better know as eCurve.

Watched Surrogates in advanced of 9 days before it actually released in cinemas. A great thank you to Nuffnang for the Premier Screening invites.

Not going to be spoiler here, check out the trailer of this movie.

My personal opinion of this movie; the storyline is interesting but not as excited I expected. Can feel a bit like District 9. Oh ya! Not to forgot, all the surrogates used Gaussian Blur effect on theirs' face as it look so smooth and perfect. lol!

Rate 7/10

Finally met CWKen in person, has been visited around his personal blog. He has an interesting blog, do feel free to drop at his BLOG

p/s just now while I'm on my way back from Damansara toward KL, there was a roadblock near Jalan Istana. My car was flagged down and I know I did put a little bit pressure on the pedal. The speed limits was 80 km/h and I was travelling at 8X km/h. It was just a little only, hey! who don't when the road are super clear and no obstruction.

Then I wind down my windows, the enforcement asked me; do you know the speed limits here was 80 km/h only? I said yes! but I was travelling at 8X km/h only in the same time hand over my ID & car license, he acted like he writing something as he gonna give me a summons.

Ok! Here come a bad citizen reacted, I asked; can help ah? maybe I can treat you drink or something?

He replied how much you can treat me? and I dig around my wallet and only found RM30 then I said RM30 can? You know what he replied?

He said "No money please don't say you want to treat me" and returned me back my ID & car license. Then he asked me to leave and he don't even bother to check my car number plate. My heart whispered *seriously I'm not really that willing to "TREAT" you lor* Hahaha!

I do consider myself lucky. I guess they just simply flag down cars randomly to check is there any philanthropist who "WILLING" to "TREAT" them.

Do you have such experience? Would you "TREAT" them if you really got flagged down by them and you did break the law?


sarah said...

Kena saman or not wor???? Oredi tell u not to drive so fast lor....see...

mybreakfastclub said...

'money can buy everything' (even saving us too) yikes!

Tony Wan said...

LOL Gaussian Blur effect LOL

Joshua said...

sarah - He dun even wan to layan me with ticket. Hahahah

mybreakfastclub - Tat's very true.

Tony Wan - Yeah and it's alot! lol!

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Luckily you have only Rm30? ;p

CWKen said...

walau paiseh say my blog till liddat :s

anyways, I will never try to bribe those farkers although it's gonna cost me a fortune. Got flagged down twice, once din offer bribe, the other dude was nice enough to let me go cos I student :)

I seriously rather feed the money to the government, at least still got chance that those money are used for god instead of confirm going to these corrupted bastards

Joshua said...

TianChad - Yalor! Lucky!

CWKen - LOL! U r a good citizen oh!