Sep 9, 2009

Tallboyz Featured In KLue

Posted by Joshua |

Woots! My blog was featured in KLue's Website. Just notice it when I was reading some KLue's articles then I saw the my photo that I submitted for Got X, Got Friends campaign, hanging out with my cool buddies at KLCC.

FYI, I was one of the 4 shortlisted features bloggers for Got X, Got Friends campaign.

What is Got X, Got Friends campaign all about?

Got X, Got Friends is a campaign where everyone shared theirs' best moments photos on the photo wall and entitle themselves to stand a chance to win attractive prizes as below

It's simple, just register an account and start uploading your best moments photos. The more you uploaded, the higher chances you could win.

What are you waiting for? Start sharing now Got X, Got Friends


EVo said...

Brahder!! congrats on ur feature in klue magazine! im bringing u traffic from negara china...ow!

maRCus said...

(i am OWIS behind EVo!!1 why? WHHHYYYY????)

ok. cukup emo. haha. congrats ur made it to Klue!!! hwehe

ps. can you teach me aboout this Got X thing..?! huhu

Dylan Phuah said...

eh, syok-nya.... gratz on being featured. next time take pic with me la. i wanna get featured also ma! haha!

Joshua said...

Evo - Thanks man! Wah! Traffic from China wor!

maRCus - lol! Thanks man. Oh! Very easy, just register a account then u upload the photos you like the most.

Dylan - Hahaha! Sure sure! Why not? =)

ahbing said...

I have no idea what KLue is.. lol. OMG stay at Australia too long! I am coming back. ish.

But it seems like a good news.. ahha. jia you buddy.

kenwooi said...

haha.. cool..
im never lucky with contests.. =P

Joshua said...

ahbing - KLue is a magazine. Heheh! When u coming back to KL?

kenwooi - Thank you wor!