Sep 27, 2009

Where Got Ghost?

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Just back from Pavilion, watched "Where Got Ghost" with YY. Yeah! I'm so out dated, the movie has released for so long.

I have put a very high expectation from this movie after the movies Money Not Enough & Money Not Enough 2. Both are nice and touching.

This movie Where Got Ghost was released in August in occasion with the Chinese's Hungry Ghost Festive's month.

IMHO, in this movie I've found that it's kind low cost with not so interesting story. Although it's a ghost story, the shooting of adding underexpose/vignette layer is not so professional.

I dun really like the 3 different stories compiled in one movie. The last part of the story were linked back to Money Not Enough 2 but the same old jokes was repeated, it doesn't tickle me off.

As usual, the movie that produced by Neo's Studio contained Morale which I feel it's very good and true, thumbs Jack!

Rate 5/10 A quite disappointed movie from Jack Neo this time.

Those who already watched, what do you think?


SJ said...

but d mandarin word says 'frightened till laugh'. hehe.

From me to you, suejean =)

AndyC said...

same here...watched the movie and came out with this expression -.-"

Anonymous said...

aHA.... I havent watch it yet, didn't know it came out already. Long time din watch movie liao :(

kenwooi said...

havent watch it..
dont think i wanna watch it either.. =P

Anonymous said...

SJ - The movie name is Where Got Ghost wor.

AndyC - Sad hor!

Danny Ooi - u r not movie fans lei geh! lol

kenwooi - U dun like Neo's movie?