Feb 8, 2011


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Last night I've catched Burlesque, thanks to Kelly for the ticket.

Burlesque is about a small-town girl from Iowa with a big heart of singing and dancing. ventures to Los Angeles. The next thing she finds herself attracted with the art of burlesque. Then she was self-hired herself as a waitress there. Her life changed dramatically when she managed to grab the chance to perform on the stage and shined with her perfect vocal. No more spoiler!

While waiting for it to release in Malaysia on 17th Feb 2010, you can watch the trailer below;

Rate 8.5/10 The storyline were a bit like Coyote Ugly. Christina Aguilera are hot, sexy and has a powerful vocal. Cher has a powerful vocal too but her outlook er........ reminded me of MJ, I'm so bad.

Overall is a good movie, worth every single penny you paid.