Feb 3, 2011

The Green Hornet | All's Well, Ends Well 2011

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Happy Chinese New Year everyone! 

I hope everyone had fun, met up with all your friends & family and collected a lot of ANGPOWs!

Watching movie together would never missed in these festive days. So I didn't miss the chance and watched 2 movies.

The 1st movie was "The Green Hornet" that watched with my fellow friends at Mid Valley.

The Green Hornet is an American comic book masked vigilante.

Check out the trailer to know more about the movie;

My perspective of this movie are never under underestimate China Made products. Chinese would always be the great fighter and the ah moh/gwai lou/caucasian always took the credit.

Rate 8/10 A quite stupid and not logic movie but I enjoyed the hilarious very much. BTW I didn't know Shanghai is in Japan. lol!

The 2nd movie I watched is every years also have "All Well Ends Well 2011"

A new cast, Donnie Yen was added in this 6th installment in the All's Well, Ends Well film series. A romantic comedy movie about women's cosmetics.

Rate 8/10 This time the storyline is much simple and funny. Tickles from start till the end of the movie.