Feb 5, 2011

I Love Hong Kong | Mai Angpows

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I've just watched I Love Hong Kong this afternoon at Berjaya Times Square.

Seriously, this is a must watch CNY movie. Damn hilarious with a lot TVB big casts just like in the previous movie, 72 Tenants of Prospertiy.

The story is about a buddy who grows up together in an estate's house in Hong Kong separated after an incident of money loss. Life carried on until they bumped back together in the estate's house they grew up.

Check out the "I Love Hong Kong" trailer below

Rate 9/10 It's funny yet a lot familiar casts that you can see in TVB. Don't know why, alot CNY's movie must add "INCEPTION" Over all great movie with watch with friends & family.

Today already Chor 3/3rd days of CNY.

For those who are still single I guess you have collected hunted alot angpows.

What's the highest & lowest did you received in a single angpow and from who? It's sound bad hor to reveal such P & C information.

But I'm gonna reveal it today....................  those who give me small small angpows sure -.-" x 100000 lol! Joking only lar!

Below are the angpows that I've collected, can you guess which one has the most money in it?

The answer is from Nuffnang Malaysia.

Received my 3rd cheque from Nuffnang, a day before CNY. A great amount money that I saved for so long. :P

And as according to some horoscope reader, 2nd days of CNY to bank in money/cheque would make your bank account always flooded with money. Yeah! I'm superstitious! lol!

So did you bank-in any money into your bank on the 2nd days of CNY? Care to share what's the highest money you received in single angpow? :P


Baby said...

the nuffnang cheque should be the one with the most amount..

haven't watch this show yet, watched all's well ends well 2011 only..

i'm married but still collecting angpow

Shannon Chow said...

my Nuffnang cheque why haven't arrive =(

Fionne said...

wat is Nuffnang? how to save ur money thr?

Anonymous said...

Baby - Yeah! U should watch I Love Hong Kong.

Shannon Chow - Mine cash out like 1 month + ago wor

Fionne - It's actually my blog's ad pay :)

shii teck said...

i still waiting my NN cheque~. ;p

ang pows said...

I have always been fan of ang pows and I gift them to my friends I really like Ang Pows it looks cool.

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