Feb 7, 2011

Kuching Trip Part 4 - William Hung

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Now back to my Kuching trip. As we visited all the long & tall house of the native's people in Sarawak, we all are invited to the theater room for their culture's dance show.

A welcome dance that I manage to video record;

Different tribe would have different traditional outfit and all are very colourful and unique, same goes with the dances.

Below are some photos that I took.

The Orang Bidayuh's outfit does look similar to the Vietnam people. What do you think?

This warrior is actually carrying a quite heavy wood by bitting it with his mouth.

His dance step is like eagle flying. Don't get by his serious face, he's actually a joker, made the crowd laugh like no tomorrow.

The traditional Melayu dance that snap your feet while you dance. Damn tension when it goes fast. lol!

There are actually more performances.

The show was wrapped up with invitation to all guest to dance together-gether on stage.

By surprise, I spotted once famouse William Hung was on the stage. He visited Kuching weh. Can you spot him? Muakakakak!

The show finished, so what next? Of course makan lor! Hahahha! We head to the restaurant in the SCV for lunch.

We had pumpkin soup, ayam pansung, squid, daun paku pakis & pyramid rice. lol!

Coming up next post would be Masak Masak the Iban's food & jungle + river trekking. Woots! Stay tune yo!

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jfook said...

Is that really WIlliam Hung?? lol

Anonymous said...

jfook - What do u think? Got alike or not? Hahahah!