Feb 24, 2011

Kuching Trip Part 6 - Makan All The Way!

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WARNING! This blogpost gonna be FOODS FOODS FOODS & ME

After stayed stuck 3 days in Sarawak Culture Village, finally we have a half day free and easy.

This we really have to thanks to Pierce and Norman for taking their time to brought us around to try out their specialty foods in Kuching. We all were like Zombies that like never had enough bloods, makan like no tomorrow.

The 1st pit stop is a bit modern hawker stall, C121 Food Station.

Ordered whatever special here;

Had Tea C Peng & Aloe Vera.

Here got Yau Cha Guai with Mayo & Kaya in it. Taste not bad, don't know KL got or not? Should sell well here since so many KL ppl like Oil Fried Ghost XD

Kio Chap aka Tomato Noodle, taste ok lar and the noodles is like Yee Mee.

This is one of the great local foods, Kampua. It look and taste like Hakka Mee.

Kueh Chap is noodle mixed with pork intestines.

After that Pierce & Norman brought us for Ais Kacang and meet up with a blogger, Fahri.

The place is located nearby a primary school forgotten what the place name.

Beside Ais Kacang they also have,

Squids Rojak and

Belacan Beehoon.

I don't really like the taste of belacan.

They also got this nice mixed fruits ice tea, look already feel it's so refreshing.

Took a group photo of us before head for another destination.

Let's me intro, from left; Norman Peter Petrelli, Pierce, Rebecca, Fahri's gf, Fahri, Chris, Shannon & ME!

We didn't miss the chance to have a group photo with the femes Cat.

People said, you never take picha with this cat, you doesn't consider visited Kuching. lol!

Next we head to D'rieza to buy some Kek Lapis/Layers Cake as souvenirs.

Assorted colours can be found in Kek Lapis, it's made out of butter and creams and fatness X100000. lol!

Next gonna bring you a nice place to chill out if you plan to visit Kuching. It's got related to Google & Yahoo. XD. Stay tune! Do follow me on Twitter @tallboyz


Joshu@law said...

Eh, the ABC ice kacang stall is just near the Jublee Recreation Ground...you say padang Jublee ABC, sure Kuching ppl will know it! lol~

ahlost said...

love reading bout kuching in other ppl's blog. kekeke..

u should try kio chap kueh teow instead.. kekeke..

why the kueh chap u had is mai fan geh?

and and i notice many west malaysians don't like belachan beehoon. LOL..

Kian Fai said...

wow I love kek lapis!!

Anonymous said...

joshualaw - Izit? So it's very femes lor!

ahlost - Heheheh! I dun know why is mai fan wor. I dun like the taste.

Kian Fai - Let's ask jfook to buy us :)

lyCayenne said...

omggggg.... you've made me miss kuching terribly! the food especially. slurpss!

Anonymous said...

lycayenne - Let's plan to go Kuching!

twiseJ said...

You didn't mention where the food [placed]. Can you provide some of the best food shortlist over there? Thank you sooo much! :)