Feb 20, 2011

The All New Honda Insight

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Last year KLIMS 2010, Honda has introduced their most affordable Hybrid car and announced the price of RM98k after the tax exemption by Malaysia government on all Green Car aka Hybrid.

With the tax exemption this is the car you get on what you have paid.

Here I show you why;

As you know Langkawi and Labuan are the only tax free states. In Langkawi, Honda Insight is selling at RM90k and a Honda Accord 2.0VTi is priced at RM89,900. As for other state, Honda Accord are price tagged at RM142k where Insight is price tagged at RM98k. The additional of RM8k is the sales tax, correct me if I'm wrong. From here you can see, the non-hybrid car you paying is extra 5X% more.

Does this attracted you to buy a Hybrid car?

On the 14th Feb 2011, Honda Insight it's ready to preview at all Honda's Showroom, at the same time for some are given out for those who have booked earlier. I've actually booked the car during the KLIMS period and still waiting for it.

I did went to the showroom that I booked my car for a test drive and also snapped alot few photos of it.

The Honda Insight in Dyno Blue Pearl II, this colour remind me of Transformer. lol!

There's a silver at outside of the showroom. It has an aerodynamic design and has LED tail light.

The under hood of the Honda Insight seated a 1.3L i-VTEC engine + an IMA (Integrated Motor Assist).

It uses two distinct power sources, an electric motor and an i-VTEC engine to achieve better fuel efficiency and enhanced performance. Thus the acceleration performance is comparable to what one might expect from a 1.6L engine.

The IMA powered with IPU (Intelligent Power Unit) that able to provide 10kW a 14PS horsepower.

There is an air ventilation to reduce down the temperature of the IPU battery.

Insight are paired with projector headlight for better night visibility and adjustable height.

It comes with a generous and sporty 16" rim on Dunlop SP Sport 2030 rubber.

The boot space is consider quite spacious for a hatchback car.

A rear truck cover come along with it for privacy purpose, still not advisable to leave anything valuable behind.

As for the inside, the materials that I found used for this car is quite plasticky on door panel and dashboard but then when I try to knock it's seem like a good quality of plastic.

The front seat is quite spacious and airy and the seats are comfortable. The rear is quite disappointed as it's quite cramped and not much headroom. The leg room still acceptable.

The rear view look weird with the separated 2 windows, need time to get adapt to it. If the rear seated with 2/3 people it's actually blocked the rear view. :(

The dashboard has a lot buttons on it like auto air cond, headlight leveling, ECON mode, VSA, side mirror folding and also a informative meter cluster that show trip meter, ECO scoring, average speed and much more.

Beside that there are also a floating speedometer that just like the current Honda Civic has but added a guidance function which colour change speedometer provides real time information which allows you to monitor your driving style for better Fuel Consumption. It's sound like driving an arcade game car. lol!

Oh ya! Did I mention Honda Insight is fully imported from Japan.

CBU from Japan, will be expected better QC and built materials.

On the test drive, I could only do a short distance ride.

The things I like about the car;

1. The engine is surprisingly quiet and when I turn the ignition, I hardly hear the noise.
2. The sound proof is not bad, feel just like the current Honda City.
3. Engine stopped when you on a permanent stop/traffic light to save fuel.
4. Love the instrument meter, futuristic feel.
5. Can feel the high torque although in low RPM.
6. The seat shape is quite comfortable.
7. Sporty 16" Rim with great Dunlop tyres
8. CBU and good built quality
9. Great functions buttons available on the steering.
10. Auto Cruise.
11. USB & AUX for the CD player.
12. Lastly it has the "Geek" look which I like XD

The things I found annoyed;

1. Low headroom on the rear. I'm 6 foots 1" I couldn't sit behind, I may snap my head if go over bump.
2. The kick start resume from engine stop while on traffic is very obvious.
3. If you place ur gear to P, the engine stop wouldn't works.
4. Difficulty to see behind if car fully loaded with passengers at the back.


SiMon Har said...

engine stop? meaning it's equipped with engine start-stop function to save fuel? cool!

Anonymous said...

Simon - Yeah! It's very nice!