Feb 22, 2011

Sanctum 3D

Posted by Anonymous |

Just got back from Mid Valley, watched Sanctum 3D. Yeah! 3D baby!

BTW this is the 1st 3D movie I watched with subtitles and it's 3D also. Hahahah!

Thanks to MixDotFM for the free tickets. How I obtained the free ticket? Listen to Mix FM. lol!

Since I got 4 tickets, I tagged YY, my evil twin joshuaongys and his friend Amanda Harlo! Nice meeting you.

Back to the movie. Sanctum is another movie produced by James Cameron, the creator of Titanic and Avatar.

The movie is about an undersea cave diving team experience a life-threatening predicament all through an expedition to the unexplored cave logic. Something unpredictable happened when a big storm blow in and had the water levels increased drastically.

The entire movie was rocks, water, water, rock, again rock. The story was quite ok and had me feel a bit suffocated as like I'm in the movie  I'm not a good swimmer. I can feel this movie is not just 3D, I can feel it's like 4D with the cold air made me shivering cold Mid Valley Hall 4 air cond fxxking cold weh

Human would do anything for sake of survivor including betraying and murdering.

Rate 7/10 Not as good as I expected from the big name producer James Cameron. I don't get it why people would want have cave diving which are dangerous? You can actually come to Batu Caves to see all this. lol!


foongpc said...

LOL @ Sanctum 3D becomes a 4D! I also don't get it why people like caving. It's boring to me LOL! The movie was not bad just not as good as other James Cameron's movies like Avatar and Titanic.

Kian Fai said...

LOL 4D? Reminds me of 4D Kuda! LOL

So this movie is ok ok only? Rated 7 so it's good in 3D or? =P

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Anonymous said...

foongpc - Ya lor! But still ok lar.

Kian Fai - U 4D kaki ah? :P 3D is quite impressive.