Feb 15, 2011

Kuching Trip Part 5 - Pool of Bloods

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Here continue my Kuching Trip that I went last month.

On the 2nd days we were having masak masak/cooking session with ibu the mum's chef in the house.

We learned on how to cook their specialty meal, Ayam Pansuh.

Below are the ingredients

Me, Chris & Rebecca are busy taking photos and leave Shannon to be the honor to hand-on how to make Ayam Pansuh. In this incident we discovered Shannon has never touch raw meat before till now. Dun tell anyone about this secret ya. Hehehe!

Ayam Pansuh were cooked at the same way as cooking Lemang.

at the same time, sweet potatoes were cooked together.

This is how it looks like.

The next morning, we had a Penghayatan Alam nature call session.

We were asked to meditate at the same time sense and enjoy the surrounded nature.

We even asked to talk with leaves, stones and water. lol!

This is how we meditate, act like some dead bodies on the water. XD

photo credit to Rebecca.

After that we head for breakfast and ready for jungle & river trekking at Santubong's hill.

A briefing given out before the trekking, the must and don't during the trekking. The most important is don't ask "Where is Puteri Santubong?" She might kidnap you and prison you forever. lol!

Let's follow the blue code!


While we on our way to the almost top hill we were point at a herb to be known as Tongkat Ali, some good bloods ventilation herbs for men you know what I mean right? XD

Riz & Hirule need some Tongkat Ali. lol!

While on the journey we passed by few water fall

and pool of bloods? BLOODS POOL??? Murderer scene? Homicide?

It's actually liquid that came from the old roots.

Check out the video of the jungle trekking

After about 50 minutes of walking finally we reached the destination.

Everyone is chilling on the water fall before we have river trekking back to our house.

The river trekking is fun and great experience, walked with the water stream at the same time enjoy the nature scenery.

It's because involved water so I didn't brought allow my camera and the trek guidance helped me to carry my camera.

The journey took about 50 minutes.

My old & dirty fake Croc gotten whiter after the water stream wash. Hahaha!

Next post gonna be my finally blogpost trip in Kuching, it's gonna be filled with some mouth watering locals foods that you should try if you plan to visit Kuching. :)

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