Feb 14, 2011

Shaolin | What Women Want | Honda Insight

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I've watched 2 Andy Lau's movies which are Shaolin & What Women Want.


The story revolves around a proud and arrogant warlord (Andy Lau) who is forced to seek refuge at Shaolin when his buddy (Nicholas Tse) turns against him. There, he is enlightened by an inconspicuous cook (Jackie Chan) and takes it upon himself to make peace with the monks that he previously sneered at (Wu Jing, Xing Yu, Yu Shao Qun), and lead them in rescuing the commoners from hardships, sufferings and oppression as his friend wages wars on other warlords to expand his territories.

Trailer of Shaolin;

Rate 9/10 Andy Lau looks like M. Bison in Street Fighter. This movie tells what karma is all about.


What Women Want

What Women Want is a remake of the 2000 Hollywood on the same title, starring Mel Gibson & Helen Hunt.

This movie released in occasion of the LOVE season, Valentine's Day. Andy Lau work as an advertising executive in this movie, who out of sudden develops an ability to listen into the thought of women.

Trailer of What Women Want;

Rate 7/10 The storyline is different from the origin movie in year back 2000. Love the role of Andy Lau for being so playful and youthful.


This morning I've went to Honda Showroom in Sungei Besi to check out the new Honda Insight.

Finally it has come and for those who didn't know, I've actually booked this car last year December. :)

I only manage to snap few photos and no test drive as the actually soft launch is 15th. I have to go behind of the workshop garage to see the car as it's not ready to display in showroom.

For those who do know about this car, you can check it out on Honda's Official Website for the spec.

Honda Insight is the cheapest Hybrid car in town, the price tag for Honda Insight is RM98,0000 after tax exemption by government last year.

It was a quick glance of the car as it's not ready for test drive so I couldn't have much review of this car.

This car really not meant for tall people like me to be passengers. 6 footers with spiky hair could not sit behind as the rear headroom & legroom are quite cramped, unless you are the driver or the co-driver.
Wonder why this car can be so sellable in western country as most of them are quite or maybe much taller than me.

The built material seem a bit low especially the door panels and dashboard, probably that's the reason how Honda can built the most economic Hybrid car.

Can't wait for my new ride to come. Woots!


Filip Demuinck said...

I certainly liked to original of what women want.

JaSoN LCE® said...

Wow Insight! but I did saw it on the road b4 and it is really stylish! =D
Which colour you booked?

sarah said...

since it is not suitable for tall ppl...y still book? How if i m driving n you sitting behind? Hahahahah

Anonymous said...

Filip - Hahah! Yeah!

Jason - Wow! It's super rare as it's quite limited due to AP issue.
I booked White :)

sarah - -.-"

Tian Chad @ 永遇乐 said...

Let me have a ride once you have it ya! ;p