Mar 4, 2011

Beastly aka Beauty & The Beast

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Last Wednesday I've catched "Beastly"

Thank you to Nusantara Edaran Filem & Nuffnang Malaysia for the movie invitation.

The story is more or less like Beauty & The Beast where the were not a werewolf & don't own talking spoon or candle light.

It's about a city teen transformed into a hideous monster after been cursed by his schoolmate for teasing/making fool of her. In order to break the spell, he were given 1 year period of time to find a true love and she need to say "I Love You"

Rate 6.5/10 The storyline is ok but a bit short 1 hour 20 min if I'm not wrong. Vannessa Hudgens seem didn't grow any taller after HSM. XD

Check out the official trailer below;