Mar 8, 2011

Lucky Lou Sang with Magnum

Posted by Joshua |

Was doing some house keeping of my computer files and noticed I've missed out one blogpost where I was suppose to post it like 3 weeks back. Damn big prawn head.

About 3 weeks back which are on the 10th day of Chinese New Year, I was honoured to be invited by Magnum Corporation Berhad for a "Lucky Lou Sang with Magnum"

Before the dinner we are given the opportunity to see the live draw process that we saw on newspaper/online medias.

The event starts at 6pm where all were required to register at the same time we might be one of the lucky viewer to actually take part in picking number.

Chi Ming & KK from Magnum 4D, funny people. :)

After registered we were given 1 4D jackpot that we can buy our desire 2 numbers for the running to be a millionaire & a red packet which have 4 random numbers.

This is how the live draw room looks like;

a bit black board to preview the numbers.

the stage that will draw the numbers

Moon from Magnum 4D explained to us how the draw are made, how random the number could be, how unique is the rubber ball inside the aquarium and the fair of the game.

All bloggers were snapping photo only listen carefully

Before the live draw start and allows the public to come in to see the live draw, we had a group photo with all the attendees

A lot familiar faces? Hahah! All are bloggers........ i think XD

3 drawers will be picked from public and 1 from the Magnum.

2 of there bloggers which are Kelly Chin & Nini Ong were picked in drawing the numbers.

How? By just pressing the green buttom below to stop.

The process took about 30-40 minutes to list all the numbers.

I matched my numbers on the draw board and guess what? I didn't win lol!

Didn't miss the opportunity to cam-ho with some bloggers on the black draw board.

Meet Amelia, Joshua Law, Vin Ann & Shii Teck. I purposely wore yellow to match the event theme and for more ONG but it doesn't prevailed XD

The number that drew that day.

After that we all head to Overseas Restaurant at Jalan Imbi for Lou Sang session.

Started with Yee Sang of course, btw that is my 8th Yee Sang for year 2011. 8 = HUAT ah!!!!

Then proceed with main course;

Shark fins???

Cod fish


Oyster Vege

Fried noodles

Salad prawns

There were also a lucky draw for all the bloggers and everyone also will win CASH............................vouchers.

Vin Ann won RM38 CASH................................ vouchers lol!

There were also a game draw number that Magnum + Bloggers to buy numbers together. The number were picked randomly with a scroll board like below.

The random number that we drew that we crossing fingers to made it on 19th Feb.

It was a great experience for me to know how the live draw works, indeed an eye opening experience and not forget the superb foods.

Thank you Magnum4D for organising such awesome event for us and looking forward to join more in future events.

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