Mar 20, 2011

Tokay / Tokey / Tokek

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Wanna earn good money by capturing some lizard gecko?

The current local market price for a Tokay Gecko above 300grams is at least RM30k and if you manage to get a size at 1000grams it may make you a millionaire.

This is how a Tokay Gecko look like.

What's the reason this reptile in such high demand?

In traditional medicine, Gecko's tongue believe can cure AIDS aka HIV Human Immunodeficiency Virus. And some believe that its meats can be an aphrodisiac while its bloods and bile suppresses tumors in cancer patients. But so far there is no specific research on this subject but many people have believe that this lizard really can cure AIDS.

This reptile natural range is found from northeast India to southern China, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia & Malaysia. OMG! Malaysia ada!

I think on this coming weekend I shall head to jungle to find this! I wanna be a millionaire so freaking bad!!!!

P/S Tatoo-ing the lizard you found in your house doesn't work -.-"


Allison said...

I don't think I can ever bring myself to eat any parts of that lizard ever.-.-"'

Anonymous said...

But it will cure ur terminal illness wor! If let say urine need to drink I also drink eh.......... *touch wood* *choi* *pui pui pui*

Allison said...

Urine still acceptable. I find tokay's tongue and blood and bile more unacceptable. lol. Btw my friend told me this morning where can get lots of the tokay in Malaysia! But can I dont share with you until I become a billionaire 1st?

charee said...

hi tokay tokey tokek ,im in the philipns we got alot here tokay but how you buy it you come hr ?/??????

Anonymous said...

Allison - Urine is better? lol! Dunbe so stingy can? :P

charee - U can sell it in black market.

Anonymous said...

hai there..we are from malaysia...we got alot of gecko(tokey) abouy 250g to to contact u??reply me a.s.a.p
send ur contact to my email add

Anonymous said...

available 300 grams or above tokay gecko at dhaka, bangladesh. wild catch, already we sold three gecko to the french buyer. wanted to build up worldwide network for tokay gecko buy sell issue. serious direct buyer may join at my network. pls send business card as sms from your mobile number on 88-01710-962792 and or mail to me on wanted also investor to culture/rearing of tokay gecko for international market.

Anonymous said...

plz contact 4 product of bd.