Mar 5, 2011

Kuching Trip 7 - It's Bing!

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Continue with my Kuching Trip. Hahahha! It's like taking forever also never finish. I promise this gonna be the 2nd last post on Kuching.

My previous Kuching trip post was all about the local foods and this time I'm gonna bring you to bing! Not Google or Yahoo. It's a coffee company just like Starbucks or Coffee Bean we have here in KL.

Few franchises were opened around the Kuching town.

I found the environment here is cozy and comfortable to hang out with friends.

Assorted cakes & foods are available here to choose from.

While we waiting for our meals to be served, we cam-whored on the cozy sofa with vintage wall.

Chris meditating by inhale & exhale but Chris didn't know I farted while taking this photo. Muakaka!

I of course didn't miss the chance to camho and have to act abit macho.

Check out what we ordered;

I ordered Tira MISS U iced blended which I couldn't find any in KL and it taste awesome great.

Ordered brownie and it's so chocolicious

Yum yum right?

The foods here are well presented even the drinks.

This is the most recommended coffee cafe you should try if you plan to visit to Kuching.

How I wish KL has a franchise of bing! bing! come to KL can?


thenomadGourmand said...

yes yes! bing us here in KL plss! ;p

TZ said...

You really make yourself at home Eh~

cyril dason said...

Love ur pose man.. oh bing! Gotta love em...

§pinzer said...

Ewww LOL!

Anonymous said...

Rebecca - bing us! bing us!

TZ - Yeah wor! So comfy ler!

cyril - Envy ur place got bing lor

Spinzer - lol!

Anonymous said...

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