Mar 15, 2011

World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles

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Just got back from a special screening World Invasion : Battle Los Angeles. Thanks to NuffnangMY for the tickets.

From the title, it's very straight forward that tell this movie is about our world were invaded and it took place in Los Angeles.

The storyline are a team of Marine platoon was assigned to bring out some trapped surveillance in the city but ended up to fight against the alien. This movie shown how committed a marine are in completed an order. The army force would scarify few good soldiers to save their citizen.

The alien are here to conquer the earth for the reason of our water and in order so they planned to kill all the human populations on earth.

Rate 7/10 The shaky images ruined the entire more. The shaky closeups and zoom made feel so dizzy. I know it's an action movie but there are no point to have it filmed as it recorded with handheld camera. The storyline are not bad and it reminded me the unfortunate nature disaster happened in Japan lately.

Check out the trailer movie below;


Jason Mumbles said...

Download the soundtracks from my blog! :D

I like the movie!

SiMon Har said...

the movie was great! very exciting and actipn packed!
i was there at the screening too but didn't saw u :(

Jeffery said...

halo. hw is it? i planning to watch tis coming friday...

Kian Fai said...

sooooo headache after movie effect =D

shii teck said...

the 1st camera view made me dizzy but i still like the movie. lol..

Anonymous said...

Jason - Woots! U got Sucker Push OST mou?

Jeffery - Not bad! U can go watch :)

Kian Fai & shii teck - Hahha! Yeah!